Welcome To Villa21

Tucked away from the bustling shores of Majorda is Villa21 – your home away from home.

Located inside the gated community of CD Monsoon Meadows, Villa21 offers you security and space while YOU make the most of your holiday.

The soft rays of the sun waltz into the room to the tune of chirping birds as you awaken from your slumber.

Enjoy the comforts of a hotel room without the uptightness that comes along with it. Villa21 is the perfect choice when you're looking for homestay options in Goa.

The homestay comes with a swimming pool, club house, play area and all the amenities that are part of the community. You could also rent-out bicycles or bikes and take off on a day of adventure and discovery or unravel Goa on an armchair in true Goan style. So if you are headed to the wonderful locales of Goa and intend staying for a long time to soak up the sun and sand, then Villa21 would suit your holiday needs.